. The Seven Divisions of CalRTA Area II

.Area II encompasses a large and diverse swath of California. Stretching from the Sacramento Valley up past Mount Shasta to the Oregon border and over to the Sierras. Click on the Area II banner above to go to any of the other Areas of CalRTA.

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Upcoming Events

September 2, 2015
CalRTA State Fall Leadership Conference
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October 2, 2015
Area II Fall Workshop
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Robert Sharp
. . .Area Director 
Donald Goodykoontz
. . . Legislation
Tom Moisey
. . .Communications
Jay Thiel
. . .Nominations & Elections
Kristi Betts
. . .Membership:
Mayrene Edmiaston
. . . Resource Services
Ernest Sandoval
. . .Insurance


Membership is not restricted to retired educators. If you are currently in education or just interested in our goals, you are welcomed to attend a luncheon meeting, take part in a day trip, or become a member!
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